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Three Skincare Trends for 2024

Oleon Health and Beauty, specialists in the supply of sustainably produced ingredients for the beauty and personal care industry, says that there are three dynamic trends that will drive new product developments in 2024.

These include solutions that target compromised or sensitive skin, natural and sustainable ingredient processing, and playful textures that bring a WOW factor to skin and personal care products. According to Ine Matthé, Product Manager at Oleon, sustainability and reducing environmental impacts are no longer differentiators but a consumer expectation.

“It’s time to move beyond token gestures to hard action,” she states. “At Oleon, we are firmly invested in fostering sustainable processing systems as illustrated by the recent launch of our pilot enzymatic esterification plant in Belgium.”

As a solvent-free process, enzymatic esterification means that Oleon can now develop ingredients and materials with high efficiency and product quality, but with a smaller carbon footprint and increased process safety – offering significant benefits to a brand’s sustainability positioning.

“We currently have two products commercially available, Radia® 7199ACT and Jolee® 7749ACT  -protective emollients with great sensory properties,” she points out.

Emollient capability is important when dealing with compromised or sensitive skin as it can directly impact dermal health. Consequently, consumers and brand owners are on the lookout for protective emollients that can balance, condition, and nourish their skin.

“We know that a strong skin barrier is the first line of defense against compromised skin. An increase in modern life stressors means that we are facing an unprecedented assault on our skin – whether pollution, UV rays, chemicals, contaminants, or harsh and abrasive skincare products,” Ine notes.

To offset these challenges, the industry is invested in developing solutions including the use of natural lipids, emollients, and next-level sun care products to shield the delicate skin environment from damage while protecting the skin barrier.

“Here, our Jolee® and Radia® ranges offer unique, naturally produced, and highly innovative emollients that stop evaporation, protect the skin barrier, and offer fantastic elasticizing and lubricating effects with great texture and skin feel.

“Jolee® 7181 for example is a non-greasy protective emollient with a glossy finish – excellent for use in sun care formulations while Jolee® 7202, a natural emollient and silicon alternative, offers excellent spread, absorption, and lightness,” Ine explains.

And lightness is important in skincare too, making room for consumers to embrace fun textures and formulations that can bring an element of playfulness to products!

“Our Oleon Jelly Radia® 7799 is a rheological modifier for transparent, waterless and natural formulations, offering a unique and fun texture, while maintaining transparency,” Ine concludes.




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