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Sidebyside Capsule Technology

Sidebyside capsules technology is an innovative approach that allows incompatible ingredients to coexist within a single capsule using a unique three-piece design. It maximizes dose volumes and enables customization of dose sizes, making it suitable for combining sensitive ingredients. We are discussing the details with Mr. Tobie Louw, Vice-President Operations, Vantage Nutrition LLC (An ACG Group Company)



What is Sidebyside capsules technology?

Sidebyside capsules are the world’s first separated oral dose health products. They are a three-piece capsule; the third piece being a cup-shaped divider membrane which is made up of the same material as the capsule. This divider enables incompatible actives, or dry and wet ingredients to be housed – as the name suggests – side by side in the one product.


Why is Sidebyside considered to be so pioneering?

The three-piece Sidebyside capsule maximizes the dose volumes on both sides of the membrane. The ability to move this membrane and reposition it within the capsule also enables customized dose sizes.This makes the product format is ideal for combining generally sensitive ingredients, such as probiotics with other incompatible nutrients and actives. With Sidebyside technology, the capsule shell of both chambers dissolve at the same time, enabling the ingredients to disperse and work together simultaneously, which can deliver benefits such as better absorption of key nutrients in the presence of oils.


What’s the difference between Sidebyside and capsule-in-capsule products?

The dual capsule-in-a-capsule is where a small capsule containing a powder dose is placed inside a larger one containing a liquid dose. This form factor results in the outer liquid capsule and dose being dissolved before the inner powder capsule and dose. The outer oil protects the inner capsule after ingestion and the powder is thereafter released for digestion, which can help the does to travel as a delayed release solution.

With these products, the separated ingredients dissolve sequentially. There are application needs for the sequential dissolution dynamic, especially when the inner chamber is required for late release.  

With Sidebysides, the separate ingredients operate together after ingestion. The chambers dissolve together. The Sidebyside product format and technology can enable both parallel or sequential release and can discharge either chamber ahead of the other depending on the need. Often Sidebyside products can help solve incompatibilities, for example where ingredients haven’t previously been able to combine. The dividing membrane makes it possible to retain the identity and efficiency of the separated doses that may otherwise have been compromised if they had been combined and started reacting together sooner. This plays a role in enhanced product stability and shelf life.


How is ACG involved with Sidebyside?

ACG acquired ComboCap, the company that invented and commercialized Sidebyside technology and products, in early 2023. ComboCap has developed and received 80 technology patent awards internationally. The company developed, designed, and produced the unique Sidebyside technology and manufacturing process as well as the machines used to produce Sidebyside products in their own world-first plant in New Jersey, USA.


What can some of the enhanced combinations with sidbyside technology achieve?

To date, Sidebyside products launched by brand companies have covered a range of applications, including: general vitality, immunity, pre-natal and sleep.

Select pharmacuetical Sidebyside applications are also being considered. One example is VASCEPA® (icosapent ethyl) a pharmaceutical grade fish oil. Published research by Amarin shows that VASCEPA® DHA, when co-used with statins, brings patients a substantial enhancement in the benefits of the statin.


 Where next?

Delayed release is now being considered with sidebyside technology. This will cover the delayed release of the whole capsule, and the release of the two independent chambers at different stages.

ACG is currently exploring a number of exciting controlled released options. These include bringing single-stage, two-stage and triple-delayed release sidebysides to market. Triple-delayed release sidebysides can utilize a number of ingredient formats including liquids, powders and ‘beadlets’, where a mix of delayed-release ‘beadlets’ are used to achieve the second and third stage release following the early stage release of a liquid dose.

We are also progressing the development of powder-powder Sidebyside health products, which don’t currently exist in the market.

And we are looking at developing the science behind exciting combinations such as prebiotic/probiotic Sidebysides in powder-powder form.





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