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Fraktal Beauty: No.1 Cosmetics for Menopausal Skin In a conversation with Tea Višek, the owner of the brand, we present a new Croatian cosmetic brand that has 7 products in its line - 4 serums and oils for facial care, and 3 products for body care, intended for women in menopause.

How did it all start, what inspired you and what was the initial idea?

My personal experience, as well as the experiences of women from my private and business environment, have led to the realization that there are almost no cosmetics on the market that are intended for menopausal skin. It was a surprising discovery, but also stimulating in a business sense.

What was needed from the idea to the realization?

I have been working with ingredients for the cosmetic industry all my life and I had a great team involved in the development of the brand we called Fraktal Beauty. We worked for several years on the development of formulations, and the effort paid off in the end, because independent efficacy tests showed that our products are superior not only in terms of composition, but also in terms of effectiveness.

What do you produce today and where and how do you sell your products?

Currently, the Fraktal Beauty brand contains 7 products – 4 serums and oils for face care, and 3 products for body care.

Soon we will introduce new products to the market, and of course the work on research and development of new cosmetic formulations never stops, so we look forward to many new Fraktal Beauty products in the future.

As for the placement of Fraktal Beauty products, thanks to the cooperation with Oktal Pharma as a distributor for pharmacies, the products will soon be available in pharmacies across Croatia. After that, we are moving to other markets in the region, and we hope to find distributors for various other regions of the world in the near future.

How satisfied are you with what has been achieved?

Fraktal Beauty was introduced a few months ago, but we have already generated great interest and enthusiasm from women who use our products. And we are also pleased by the fact that because of Fraktal Beauty, menopause is being talked about more and more openly.

What are you most proud of?

We are certainly most proud of the fact that Fraktal Beauty products have been independently tested for effectiveness, and that they really showed excellent results. In this sense, the new products, which we will soon present to the public, continue the trend of proven efficiency, which I believe is very important when it comes to cosmetic products.

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