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Molvik: Long Tradition in Packaging

We manufacture various types of aluminum tubes, multi-layer laminate tubes, and plastic caps for the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics sectors. Our Integrated Quality and Environmental Protection System serves as the basis of Molvik's business operations, ensuring security and high product quality. The products quality is assured by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, declarations of conformity with EU regulations, quality certificates from approved suppliers, and analytical reports.

We produce various types of aluminum tubes, multi-layered laminate tubes and plastic caps. Our company is active in all industries where tubes for packaging paste-type products are used, mostly in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. customers are also our long-standing business partners from whom we learn with each new day, with whom we developed and grow respecting their wishes and needs. Our cooperation with our customers is based on open communication, flexibility and a fair business relationship.

Our quality and environmental protection policy forms the basis of our Integrated Quality and Environmental Protection System serving as the foundation of Molvik’s business activities and thereby guaranteeing security and high product quality.

As requested by our clients, aluminum tubes are manufactured in class-D cleanroom conditions, with the quality of tubes for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, veterinarian and chemical products being ensured through prescribed and documented manufacturing and quality control processes, as well as guaranteed by our quality and environmental protection certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, statements of compliance with EU legislation, certificates of quality from approved suppliers and analytical reports.

Production program:

  1. Aluminium tubes:
  • For pharmaceutical industry
  • For food industry
  • For cosmetics industry
  • For veterinarian industry
  • For chemical industry
  1. Laminate tubes:
  • For tooth-pastes
  • For cosmetics
  • For chemical industry
  • For veterinarian industry
  1. Plastic caps for aluminium tubes
  1. Plastic caps for laminate tubes

Aluminium tubes

Molvik standard program includes aluminium tubes of different technical characteristics depending on buyers’ requirements. Variety of diameters, lengths, tube necks and caps can be combined in tubes which are used as packaging for products of pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and chemical industry.

Produced of 99% of pure aluminium in combination with other production materials from certified domestic and foreign suppliers, Molvik’s aluminum tubes offer an excellent protection for every paste product. Molvik produces tubes of high technical quality with excellent visual appearance, where color, shape and function are in perfect harmony for advanced packaging properties.

High quality of tubes and highest possible level of cleanliness of packaging from beginning to the end, Molvik guarantees with its defined procedures, Clean Room production environment, multi-level quality controls, comprehensive documentation and constant optimization of the production process.

Besides in pharmaceutical sector (for packaging of ointments, creams, gels), aluminium tubes are highly represented also in food sector as packaging of tomato salsa, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, fish pastes, etc. and also in cosmetics as packaging of hair colors, hand creams, face and body crèmes, shaving pastes etc.

Aluminium tubes are among mostly used form of packaging in the world today because of well known benefits: light weight, easy handling, excellent standards of hygiene, outstanding barrier properties, optimal product protection and recyclability-sustainability. The most important characteristic of the aluminum tube is its barrier propertie. Aluminum is impermeable to light and air and resistant to heat and corrosion. It does not let in bacteria, microbes and other potentially harmful particles. It also prevents the evaporation of the evaporable components of the paste product. This means that the precious and sensitive ingredients remain effective over a longer period, whereby the use of preservatives is avoided.

Material doesn’t spring back so neither air nor contents are drawn back into the tube. An aluminium tube can be emptied completely without difficulty.

Sustainability of alu tubes

Aluminium tubes are eco-friendly form of packaging. It is either fully recyclable or energetically recoverable.

Aluminium tubes can be infinitely recycled without any loss in quality and 95 per cent of the energy stored in the metal is retained. Some 75 per cent of the aluminium that has ever been produced in the world is still in the material loop today. Demand for recycled aluminium has exceeded supply for years and makes it a valuable resource. These tubes can be made today of 100% recycled aluminium using PCR (post consumer) or PIR (post industrial) content.

Laminate tubes

Molvik laminate tubes represent functional, ecological and attractive form of packaging primarily used for packing toothpastes as well as other paste products in cosmetics, chemical, nutritional and other industries. This packaging superbly protects the content from the outer influences, and due to its practical usage and the attractive look have great role in the presentation and sales of the customer’s products.

Molvik offers high quality Al-laminate tubes (with Al barrier) or PB-laminate tubes (with EVOH barrier). Tubes are produced of five-layer foil and can be white, silver, transparent, with or without print. High quality print enables customers to combine different printing techniques (flexo printing, gold stamping, serigraphy, foil stamping, digital print etc.).

According to the customers’ demands, the production of all laminate tubes comprises a range of different diameters and lengths of tubes which can be combined with several variants of caps.

Sustainability of laminate tubes

Tube industry all over the world try to introduce more sustainable packaging which will leed to reduction of the product carbon footprint. The goals are: less material, less complex packaging structures and optimal recyclability. Today, more input material is made of renewable resouces which have more better CO2 balance using post-consumer recycled plastic in the tube body.

Plastic caps for tubes

Molvik has a broad range of various shapes and dimensions of caps for aluminium and laminate tubes which are mostly produced for our own needs, while a part of them is launched onto the market. Cap moulds are manufactured mostly in our own tool rooms.

The tube caps differ according to shape, intended use and type. Depending on type of tube neck, caps can be with or without pin, intended for extended-neck tubes, smooth or ribbed, white or colored. They are available in any color that client might require.

Molvik d.o.o.

Molvice, Molvička 41

10430 Samobor, Croatia

Tel: + 385 1 33 82 488, 33 82 427, 33 82 762

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