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WellBiome® from OptiBiotix

WellBiome® is a patented food supplement designed to support gut health for wellbeing. As a mineral enriched prebiotic fibre complex, it promotes gut microbiome diversity and gut barrier integrity by enriching health positive bacteria and their metabolic activities.

Key Ingredients:

WellBiome® (Inulin, Xylo-Oligosaccharides (OptiXOS), Magnesium chloride)

The ingredients are scientifically backed by hundreds of clinical studies and support multiple European Food Safety Authority (ESFA) health claims, by contributing to:

  1. Dietary fibre – Good source of fibre
  2. Normal bowel function by increasing stool frequency (1)
  3. Normal psychological function (2)
  4. Normal function of the nervous system (3)
  5. The maintenance of normal bone (3)
  6. Normal muscle function (3)
  7. Normal heart muscle function (3)
  8. Normal energy metabolism (3)
  9. A reduction of tiredness and fatigue (2)

1. EFSA Journal 2015;13(1):3951
2 EFSA Journal 2010;8(10):1807 3. EFSA Journal 2009; 7(9):1216 h

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