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Upcycled and Plant-based Protein for Sports Nutrition

At this year Fi/Hi Europe, Ingood by Olga will present an innovative plant-based and upcycled ingredient PEAKARA®.

The sports nutrition market is growing fast, and this evolution can be explained by two reasons: firstly, the rise of the active lifestyle consumers, indeed the athlete is no longer the main consumer; secondly the boom in plant-based protein products.

According to a survey on sport nutrition consumers conducted by V-label GmbH in 2021, 71% of consumers say that “plant-based protein” are attractive, ahead of “whey protein” where 69% say so.

The company said: „At Ingood by Olga, we are continuing to develop our activities in the nutrition and health markets with thier range of plant-based nutri-functional ingredients. We want to offer the best of our materials by providing natural and useful ingredients to everyone, for a more positive approach to food and social transition.

After 2 years of R&D work and a deep commitment to limiting our impact and food waste for a more circular model, we are launching a new nutri-functional ingredient: PEAKARA®. The name is a contraction of « PEA » to emphasize the material from which is derived (European yellow pea) and « KARA », a play on the word “okara” to emphasize that this is an upcycled ingredient.“

What is PEAKARA®?

PEAKARA® is an innovative plant-based and upcycled ingredient from European yellow pea developed for sports nutrition recovery post workout. It’s a pea protein densely nutritious with high quality proteins (55%), a healthy omega 3 and omega 6 ratio (1:5), rich in fibers (more than 8%) and poor in sugars (less than 1%).

PEAKARA® has a unique protein composition for a plant-based protein with a quality close to that of an animal-based protein: it is rich in EAA’s: 46% per 100g of protein and in BCAA’s : 22,4% per 100g of protein. PEAKARA® is a complete source of essential amino acids (EAA’s) and is highly digestible with a chemical index of 157 (according to regulation 96/8 CE) and a PDCAAS of 1 (FAO, 1991).

PEAKARA® is perfect for healthy and tasty plant-based protein-enriched applications targeting recovery for a high-quality plant-based proteins enrichment. Neutral in taste and non-allergenic, it is perfect for healthy, vegan and tasty plant-based protein-enriched applications such as ready-to-mix protein powders, protein bars, energy balls, desserts, spreads, etc.

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