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Leadership transition at Stephenson Personal Care

Stephenson Personal Care (‘Stephenson’), a global leader in personal care and cosmetic ingredients, announces a significant leadership transition as Jamie Bentley, the visionary force behind the company's growth and success, steps back.

During his tenure, Jamie fulfilled his aspiration to drive the company’s growth and enhance its intellectual property portfolio and capabilities, opening new opportunities for the business in the personal care industry. Reflecting on his journey, Bentley expressed deep gratitude to his father, Richard Bentley, Chairman and his team for their achievements and was delighted at the progress of the company on a wide range of topics.

“I’ve loved every moment of growing Stephenson Personal Care and I firmly believe that true leadership lies in empowering others to excel. Recognising the need for a fresh perspective to steer the business toward even greater heights, I am delighted to announce the well-deserved promotion of Rob Carr to the position of Managing Director,” Bentley stated.

Carr brings over 26 years of invaluable experience within the company, possessing an intimate knowledge of its operations. His expertise and insight into what is needed for the next stage of the company’s journey positions him as a natural choice for the role.

Additionally, Stephenson Personal Care is pleased to welcome Sarah Bradley, former CEO of Kerfoot Group and General Manager Avril Specialty Ingredients, as the new Executive Chairman. Sarah’s wealth of experience and global market expertise will contribute significantly to the company’s strategic direction.

The remainder of the board remains unchanged, ensuring continuity and stability, and Jamie Bentley, as a major shareholder, will continue as an active member.

The Bentley family, longstanding shareholders with a legacy of over 150 years in owning and running the business, remains deeply committed to Stephenson Personal Care’s longevity, success and growth.

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