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VivoSens®- the Ultimate Analysis for Omega-3 Sensory Performance

GC Rieber VivoMega™, a leading player in sustainable marine and vegan omega-3 concentrates, proudly announces the introduction of VivoSens®, a world-first technology to analyze the components contributing to the taste and smell of omega-3 oils.

GC Rieber VivoMega™ is a Norwegian leader in environmentally sustainable omega-3 solutions. VivoMega aims to deliver customers the highest quality and purest omega-3 oil concentrates globally. The company utilizes state-of-the-art production equipment to produce some of the most potent and stable omega-3 concentrates in the supplement market. The company has expanded its facility several times, adding a new industry-leading concentration production facility delivering high-grade DHA and EPA fish oils (up to 800mg/g). Most recently, VivoMega introduced its vegan Algae DHA omega 3.


VivoSens is a proprietary analysis method developed by VivoMega to identify, quantify, and standardize the components contributing to the sensory performance of omega-3 concentrations.

“This technology allows us to have the most accurate and objective measurement of the sensory profile of our VivoMega oils,” said Ståle Søfting, Sales and Marketing Director, GC Rieber VivoMega. “We are incredibly proud of this development, which further backs our products as the ultimate omega-3s in quality, purity, and taste, allowing us to deliver the best possible product to the end user.”

The current industry standard for measuring oil sensory performance consists of oxidation analysis, or total oxidation value (TOTOX), combined with a sensory panel evaluation. Both measures have limitations. Low TOTOX does not always correlate with high sensory performance over time, and sensory panels can be highly subjective. To set a new, objective standard in sensory performance, VivoMega developed VivoSens. This proprietary technology utilizes  GCRV’s own inhouse developed proprietary technology and is adapted specifically to VivoMega oils. Using this method, the volatile components responsible for the sensory profile (if present) are separated from the oil and are then identified and quantified using a standard curve with known concentrations. This sophisticated process allows the company to provide an objective sensory performance rating and a reproducible specification limit from batch to batch. VivoSens complements both oxidation analysis and sensory panel evaluation, and together, allows VivoMega to guarantee the best quality and taste profile.

Søfting continued, “We are redefining the sensory experience of omega-3 oils, and soon, VivoMega customers will see the addition of a new VivoSens sensory score on its product specifications.”

V-Label certification for algae omega-3 concentrates

Established in Switzerland in 1996, the internationally recognized vegan and vegetarian trademarked label allows customers to identify plant-based choices easily. In order to receive the certification, the product must fit the agency’s specific definition and criteria of a vegan or vegetarian product. According to V-Label, over 50,000 products from more than 4,300 licensees worldwide carry the V-Label. 

“We are thrilled to receive this certification for our high-concentration vegan omega-3 from microalgae,” said Søfting. “This certification further helps validate our efforts to provide a superior product with exceptional purity parameters and optimal sensory profiles. We launched our vegan DHA omega-3 at Expo West last year and received great customer feedback and engagement.”

VivoMega Algae Oil is extracted through its Superlight proprietary technology, allowing for gentle and non-invasive processing. Through this specially designed circular reflux system, the oil has very low exposure to heat, is protected from oxidation, and includes every relevant fatty acid. The Superlight circular technology also provides optimal resource utilization with little to zero waste.

VivoMega Algae Oils fully aligns with the EU Green Deal initiatives and the UN Global Compact guidelines. It also leads the market on its oxidation levels, allowing it to maintain its freshness for 3-years with optimal taste, smell, and color.

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