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Eliminating Leaking Softgels

GELITA is the first gelatine manufacturer to address the problem of capsule leakage. The new EASYSEAL® gelatine simplifies the production of softgels and helps to reduce costs.

Gelatin expert GELITA is introducing a unique solution that enables manufacturers to optimize softgel production in one easy step. By switching to the new EASYSEAL® gelatin, manufacturers can enjoy significant reductions in leakers, lower processing costs and higher quality end products.

Leakers are softgels which lose their fill due to faulty capsule seams and are a major cause of lost productivity and reduced yield for producers of softgels. EASYSEAL® overcomes the issue, providing additional benefits at the same time. The highly processable pharmaceutical grade gelatin optimizes seam forming and enhances seam thickness and stability so that soft capsules are more resistant to physical stress during production and packing.

Its outstanding characteristics enable EASYSEAL® to seal capsules more reliably at higher machine speeds than other gelatins. EASYSEAL® can also be used at higher speeds with ingredients (e.g. suspensions) that are normally complicated to fill in softgels, and for products that require special equipment such as double step die tooling. As well as delivering higher capsule burst strength, EASYSEAL® is less dependent on sealing temperature than other gelatins and has superior drying properties. This brings advantages in terms of energy efficiency and enhanced production capacity.

Jessica Pfoehler, Global Marketing, Business Unit Performance Solutions, GELITA AG, says: “Many manufacturers tolerate a reject rate of up to 5 percent in soft capsule production due to leakers. With EASYSEAL®, this common industry problem will be a thing of the past – simply by changing one parameter: the gelatin.”

GELITA is the first gelatin manufacturer to address the problem of leakers. Its intervention comes at a time when trends in nutritional ingredients and APIs mean soft capsules

manufacturers are given increasingly challenging product requests, and cost optimization is more crucial than ever. Following pilot trials conducted with the University of Heidelberg, Germany, proof-of-concept has been demonstrated under real industrial production conditions by several softgel manufacturers.

EASYSEAL® is suitable for use with food supplements, Rx medicines and over the counter health and wellness products. It is available in bovine and porcine forms and is produced in line with FDA regulations, HACCP, ISO9001:2015 and FSSC22000. A respective C-DMF (China Drug Masterfile) is available to ease entering the China market.

The global pharmaceutical gelatin market for soft capsules was worth more than USD 215 million in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.1 percent, according to figures from MarketsandMarkets.1

1 Pharmaceutical Gelatin Market – Global Forecast to 2027. MarketsandMarkets, December 2022.

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