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Darmell Expert in the Nutritional Supplements Field

A holistic approach to health has always been our first choice when it comes to ways to support it. Nutritional supplements are an extremely important factor that can contribute to maintaining optimal health and are a good ally in the fight against various health disorders.

That is why the professional path of Darmell is focused on developing new nutritional supplements and informing interested industry workers about ingredients, evidence of effectiveness, news, regulation and other relevant information in the field. By combining many years of business experience, continuous acquisition of knowledge and cultivating business acquaintances, we are able to provide a variety of services. 

Services we offer:

Consulting in the elaboration of ideas and concepts for the development of new products – from the selection of ingredients to the launch of the finished product, with the help of finding the appropriate manufacturer of medicinal forms.

Consulting related to the registration of dietary supplements.

Writing content for various purposes, in the field of dietary supplements and functional foods, related to individual ingredients.

  • Help in finding a suitable distributor for finished products.

 We also actively deal with:

  • Representing renowned companies producing branded ingredients/raw materials for nutritional supplements or finished products.
  • Publishing professional publications in the field of nutritional supplements, functional food and cosmetics.



Darmell Ltd.

20+ years of experience in developing new concepts for food supplements

Mob: + 385 91 68 12 444


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